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 Stoney Creek Outfitters 



Stoney Creek Outfitters carries a variety of feed for dogs, horses, chickens, swine, rabbits as well as multi species farm animals.  
We have also expanded our selection of medical supplies for your animals to include 5-way and 10-way shots, penicillan, amoxicillan, flea and tick spray, wound care sprays and ointments, mange medicine, kennel dip, and puppy milk replacer.
If you don't see it, ask if we can get it!
Dog Food


You will find  high quality, nutritional dog food from the following brands:


   The Pride               Sportsman Pride                 Bartlett 

Our food comes in a variety of protein/fat ratios to meet the nutitional needs of your dog. 

Other Feed


You will find feed for your other animals, such as:


Chicken Pellets and Crumbles            Horse Feed

Multi-species Farm Feed                     Swine Feed

Floater Fish Food                                 

Cracked Corn and Deer Corn


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