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 Stoney Creek Outfitters 


Stoney Creek Outfitters carries top quality hunting products to enhance your field  experience.  We have gun cases, scopes, ammunition, cross bows, targets, etc.
 We also have LED light bars for your truck in 24-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch lengths in stock.  We can also special order other sizes to fit your truck.


You will find a variety of ammunition for shotguns, rifles, and handguns from the following brands:


Remington                Winchester                Browning           HeviMetal                  Fiocchi                       Fasteel                   Estate                        Turkey Shot               Hornady               Inceptor                     PMC Bronze              Federal Blazer

CCI                             Armscor                     American Eagle 

DEER HUNTERS now is the time to give your bucks the minerals they HAVE TO HAVE in order to maximize bone growth. We offer Lucky Buck and spring to early summer is the crucial time for this product. SPECIAL  BUY:  Buy 5 buckets, get the 6th free! That is a one year supply for only a hundred bucks. Most of us spend more on corn that does nothing more than attract small scrubs. Come get your Lucky Buck today!


$19.99 per bucket

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